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There's no reason you should suffer from bad breath!

Professional breath control in 3 easy steps. Imagine being able to solve one of your most troubling concerns while creating a significant new profit center for your practice. BreathRx makes it a reality.

ZYTEX™ Eliminates Malodor

Each Of the unique BreathRx products contain ZYTEX, an exclusive ingredient containing zinc , eucalyptus oil and thymol. ZYTEX neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), the main cause of oral malodor.

Prevents Plaque That Leads To Gingivitis

BreathRx Mouth Rinse and Breath Spray go beyond the neutralization of VSC's to eliminate their source -- Gram-negative Bacteria. Our active ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride kills bacteria, stopping bad breath at it's source. It also prevents plaque that leads to gingivitis. Few rinses on the market can claim that.

100% Alcohol-Free Formulations

Do you know how much alcohol is in the product that you recommend? BreathRx is the only anti-bacterial mouth rinse that’s 100% alcohol free. It’s safe for every patient for short and long term use.

Oral Hygiene BreathRx Take-Home Products

Professional formula BreathRx is the most comprehensive, yet simple way to truly clean your breath. In only seconds, your patient can dramatically improve the outcome of their oral hygiene.

BreathRx Take-Home products include: Toothpaste, Floss, Tongue Scrapers, Tongue Spray, Mouth Rinse, Breath Spray, Gum and Mints.

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