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One of the reasons that Dr. Yoshimura attends classes and stays up on the latest changes in dentistry is so he can pass his knowledge on to you. He believes that when you know how to take care of your teeth, you will be more active about maintaining your oral hygiene. That is why he has selected the following patient education articles below. If you are looking for information on a certain treatment and do not see it here, Dr. Yoshimura will be glad to talk to you during your appointment or over the phone at 808-944-1155.


Air Abrasion - Air abrasion is a relatively new decay removal/tooth preparation procedure we often use in place of the traditional dental drill.

BreathRx - There's no reason you should suffer from bad breath! BreathRx is professional breath control in 3 easy steps.

Composite Resins: Strengthen Your Smile - If you're embarrassed about your smile because of decayed, disfigured, or discolored teeth, you may be a good candidate for composite resins.

Crowns - If you’re self-conscious about your smile due to cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with dental crowns.

DIAGNOdent: Laser Reflection Finds Imperfection—Aids in Correction - One of the most important things we do for our patients is to identify and fill cavities. Enter DIAGNOdent: a revolutionary, thorough means of detecting cavities.

Digital Imaging - This computer-based digital technology allows your dentist to create true-to-life photographs of your very own mouth, as if the recommended procedures had already been completed.

Digital X-Rays - See through dental x-rays concerns and discover the importance of this procedure.

Gum Disease: Serious But Treatable - Although gum disease is terribly pervasive, it's also preventable. Conservative estimates report that up to 80% of people unknowingly have some amount of chronic gum disease.

Porcelain Veneers - Porcelain veneers can often provide people who have chipped, stained, discolored, unevenly spaced, or even slightly crooked front teeth with a completely new-looking smile in just a few simple appointments.

Zoom! Whitening - The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System is a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. It's safe, effective and fast - very fast.

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